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Re-Thinking How People Live

Biophilia suggests that humans have a natural tendency to seek connections with nature. This affects every part of our lives including our mood, stress levels, and productivity. R2 understands the importance that nature plays in the home, so they brought in Biophilia expert Bill Browning to help incorporate these features in every part of Four23/Hoge.

This starts as soon as you walk into the lobby and are given a glimpse out into the courtyard. You’ll feel that it pulls you through. This is called “mystery or enticement” and it makes us feel compelled to explore the space around us. There are window seats that look out into the courtyard, which we call refuge spaces, that give you the ability to step away, reflect, and recharge.

When you walk into the courtyard, the first thing your eyes will be drawn to is a beautiful fountain. But this isn’t just decoration. Scientific studies have shown that humans have a strong positive mental response to flowing water. The movement of water creates what is known as a “statistical fractal.” As this is something we frequently see in nature, our brains focus on the sound and movement, lowering our stress levels. Moving water also contributes to acoustic sound blocking, as your brain naturally focuses on the sound of water, rather than the other noises around you.

As you move into the elevator, you’ll notice artwork of Cincinnati’s local flora, done by local artist Betty Hatchett. Studies have shown that viewing pictures of nature we are familiar with lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Exiting the elevator, you’ll notice that the hallway lighting isn’t uniform, like we’re used to seeing. Rather, you’ll notice “pools of light.” Optically this helps us read the space better, as it feels more natural to the eye. Even the carpet patterns play a role, with grass and leaf-like designs giving the hallways a more natural feel.

As you enter your home, pay attention to the very intentional use of natural materials. There is natural wood detailing throughout, which we associate with nature and life. The woodgrain moving in collinear patterns has been shown to relax the mind.

And the outside hasn’t been forgotten. The outside pergola features vines that allow sunlight through, creating a statistical fractal that, like the fountain, has been shown to calm the mind. Even the ramp up into the building was considered, with large landings that incorporate various plant features, allowing you to rest and reflect.

Feng Shui is the ancient art of tapping into auspicious Qi or life-force energy in the environment. When you add a layer of Feng Shui principles to where you live and work, life is more harmonious, success is more easily achieved, and happiness permeates everything you do. Feng Shui experts Anita Rosenberg and Amy Theisen brought their expertise to Hoge Street right from the design phase.

By opening up the front entry and adding a seating area, residents and guests will arrive feeling calm and uplifted. The arrangement of the all-important patio and pool deck focused on creating a zen vibe so that all the residents would enjoy the space. The goal was to build relationships and family harmony by where we placed the pool and fountain. The open floor plans in the kitchen help create good health and vibrant energy. Every aspect of the building of Hoge Street from the bedrooms to the common spaces was designed to consider success and support.

We know that on top of mental health, your physical health is just as important. That’s why we’re offering Pure UV CleanCoil air systems as an add-on to your new home. These systems eliminate 99% of viruses, bacteria, and mold by cleansing airflow as it passes through the ductwork of your central air systems.

We also have water filtration systems installed in each kitchen sink as well as in the water dispenser in your fridge.

When creating Four23/Hoge, R2 didn’t just consider the health of the residents, but also the health of the earth. That’s why we’re proud to say that Four23/Hoge is LEED Certified: Silver.

LEED provides a framework for healthy, efficient, carbon and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

LEED certified buildings save money, improve efficiency, lower carbon emissions and create healthier places for people. They are a critical part of addressing climate change and meeting environmental, social, and governance goals, enhancing resilience, and supporting more equitable communities.

When choosing where to build Four23/Hoge, Columbia-Tusculum was the first choice. As Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood it has a character and charm all its own. While being just a short drive from downtown is nice, Four23/Hoge was strategically placed to take advantage of the walkability of Columbia-Tusculum.

Your weekend might start with a quick trip to the Starbucks, located just a short walk down the street. Want to get some exercise in? Alms Park is just a mile away, or if the gym is more your style, head over to It’s Working Out for strength training or Embra for yoga and barre. On your way back from your walk or class, you can reward yourself with a beer at Streetside. After some rest in the pool or on your balcony, it’s time to start thinking about the toughest question of the day: Where to get dinner? Within less than a mile you have Allyn’s Café for Cajun food, Jeff Ruby’s Precinct for steaks, Taglio for pizza, Eli’s for BBQ, and Tostado’s Grill for Mexican. If you’re not too stuffed from dinner, you can finish off the night with a drink at Pearl’s Bar, Stanley’s Pub, The Hi-Mark, or Fulton Yard’s Coffeehouse & Spirits. All of this and more, without ever getting in your car.