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Making the Good Life Better

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Living at Four23/Hoge Street in the heart of Columbia Tusculum’s business district is all about allowing Empty Nesters to hold onto the good life they’ve worked so hard to achieve while letting go of the responsibilities and worries that often come with home ownership. The 62-unit building, developed by Cincinnati-based R2 Partners and set to open next Fall, is a “rethinking of residential living” whose time has come, according to R2 co-founder, Barry Rosenberg. This is especially true for Baby Boomers who don’t need their big house or condo anymore and are looking to unlock the capital it represents to do other things with that money, such as travel. “They are renters by choice,” Rosenberg says.
Yet, the last thing Empty Nesters want to do is sell a house and move into an apartment with 300 other people or find themselves living next door to someone who regularly hosts noisy parties. “They definitely want to be with an older, more sophisticated crowd,” Rosenberg says, “and are willing to pay a higher rent to get that.” That translates to Four23/Hoge units that will range in size from a 593-square-foot, one-bed with den for $1,525 to a 1,392 square-foot, two-bedroom with den and balcony for $3,150.
Potential residents of Four23/Hoge also want all the amenities that will make life as easy and enjoyable as possible. A host of details and experts have gone into its planning and design to deliver on those expectations.
Starting at the bottom of the building, each unit will have at least one parking place in the underground garage. A garage elevator goes to each residential floor with no need to stop off in the lobby to switch to another bank of elevators. The garage also houses the mailroom near the elevator as well as storage lockers. If a resident isn’t home to accept deliveries, packages will be safely locked in Amazon Hub-type lockers in the same area. There even will be cold storage lockers for groceries needing refrigeration until they can be picked up.
Residents won’t have to leave the building to get in a daily workout, either. The gym is an elevator ride to the first floor, and the courtyard will have an endless pool. This style of pool produces a current in which a person swims in place against the current, upping the aerobic effect of time in the water.
Of course, upstairs is where you’ll find the features that make Four23 unique.. “If you think about most apartments, they’re nice, they’re clean, but they’re corporate, Rosenberg explains. “They feel a certain way. The idea with Four23 is to create the feel of a real home.” From the smallest unit to the largest, several core design factors were used to make that impression a reality.
A basic difference has to do with each unit’s dimensions. Spaces are typically 24 feet wide, but Four23/Hoge apartments have added six feet to that, coming in at 30 feet wide. The customary 9-foot ceilings have been raised to 10 feet allowing for more natural light coming through the larger-than-normal windows.
The designated den in each unit is a flexible space, an office for people who still might be working from home, small bedroom for an overnight guest or as the intended den or library. Upgrade is definitely a word that can be applied throughout the units, but nowhere is it more visible than in the kitchens. All units will have high-quality Bosch appliances and filtered water coming into to the kitchen, including the refrigerator. Another customized luxury that some larger apartments will have are heated floors in the bathroom.
Our next post will cover the thoughtfullness that went into promoting the residents' well-being, so be sure to read on!

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