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Well-Being As Part Of Everyday Life

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A lot of thought also has gone into elements that promote residents’ well-being, beginning with enhanced sound abatement. “The last thing you want to hear in your new apartment is your neighbor upstairs or next door, so we’ve done a lot with sound insulation,” Rosenberg says. Sound also is used to promote a soothing atmosphere. The central courtyard will feature a fountain with water cascading down rocks. “It will create a very calming white noise that will permeate the space,” Rosenberg says.
Even paint colors have been chosen that promote a peaceful environment, such as the shade of gray used in bedrooms. Other principles applied in the design aren’t as obvious, but just as impactful, according to Rosenberg. A Feng Shui expert assisted with the flow of space throughout the building by applying the ancient Chinese principles to achieve harmony and balance.

In recent years, there’s been a lot in the news regarding the value of bringing nature into our lives. That innate attraction to nature is good for body and soul according to neuroscientists, improving health and productivity. Outside, it’s frequently called nature bathing. When we bring nature inside, it’s called Biophilic Design. One of the leading proponents of this interior design approach is Bill Browning, co-author of Nature Inside: A Biophilia Design Guide and the person R2 Partners worked with to visually create the same calm and relaxing atmosphere you get from a walk in the woods. How did he do this? By choosing materials and surfaces that evoke those feelings.

One of the primary choices was the use of wood throughout the building and a biophilic line of carpeting by Mohawk that recreates the colors and patterns of nature. Perhaps the most obvious nod to nature, however, is an installation being created by local artist, Betty Hatchett. The entryway of Four23/Hoge will feature a dramatic welcome to the building: Three large, colorful, nature-themed murals by Hatchett.

“We’ve thought a lot about residents’ well-being and how to promote that for the people who will live here,” Rosenberg says. They will be within walking distance of restaurants and shops and minutes from downtown down via Columbia Parkway. “We are pushing to elevate the overall experience of apartment living,” Rosenberg says. “I’m not sure there’s been anything quite like this project locally.”

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