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Kathleen Doane, Author at Four23/Hoge Blog

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Choosing to Rent

Life at Four23/Hoge in Columbia-Tusculum represents a trend that has been gaining ground during the past decade: Empty Nesters who no longer need or want to own a big house and are choosing to rent. With the kids off on their own, there’s often no need to hold onto all that space or the responsibilities…

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Well-Being As Part Of Everyday Life

A lot of thought also has gone into elements that promote residents’ well-being, beginning with enhanced sound abatement. “The last thing you want to hear in your new apartment is your neighbor upstairs or next door, so we’ve done a lot with sound insulation,” Rosenberg says. Sound also is used to promote a soothing atmosphere.…

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Making the Good Life Better

Living at Four23/Hoge Street in the heart of Columbia Tusculum’s business district is all about allowing Empty Nesters to hold onto the good life they’ve worked so hard to achieve while letting go of the responsibilities and worries that often come with home ownership. The 62-unit building, developed by Cincinnati-based R2 Partners and set to…

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